1. Be on Time. Early is on time, on time is late. 


2. Dress Accordingly. Correct tennis shoes and clothes every day.


3. Be Responsible. In class, on-campus behavior, and off campus. Do not miss any practices. Work to your very best potential each day. All athletes are required to report all injuries to their coach. (Note: sore muscles, blisters & minor bruises, etc. are pains, not injuries) The coach will send you to the trainer or give you a recommendation for outside help with your injury.


4. All athletes must dress for every practice. If you are injured, ill, or have a written
excuse from your parents, you will still dress out. You and your coach will
determine the extent of your participation.



1. Violations of any team policy will be reviewed by the coaches and penalties will be

assessed as the staff sees. Any conduct detrimental to the team or that violates school

policy will be cause for dismissal from the team.


2. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! The boys' tennis team employs a

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with regards to drugs, alcohol, and weapons.

Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting credit upon

themselves, their coaches, their parents, and their school. It is expected that all athletes

will act according to the standards that are expected from all Buena students. It

is, of course, impossible to identify and list all possibilities for the many infractions that

could result in disciplinary actions in a sports contract. We have tried to specify as much

as possible, but we are aware of the limitations.


3. We expect our athletes not only to observe the letter of the law but also to integrate the

spirit represented by these policies. Athletes who cannot or will not manage this will be

dropped from the team.


4. By practicing and/or competing on this team the athlete is subject to all outlined above.

The coaches will hold each individual athlete accountable to the standard set by these

policies. This document is in place to ensure the safety of the individual athlete and

team they are a part of.


1. Students with 3 Unexcused Absences will receive one Letter Grade Lower


2. Students who miss a match with an Unexcused Absence will receive

one Letter Grade Lower

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